Islamic Information Society of Calgary (IISC) is serving the local Muslim community since 2001. One goal of the IISC is to instill an Islamic character in our youth and to help them be the leaders of tomorrow.

City of Calgary has a large and growing Muslim population. IISC presently manages two prayer facilities in the city of Calgary. IISC has acquired land for building Masjid An-Noor along with Islamic Community Center and Islamic School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In short, what is the initiative?

Alberta’s economic growth has attracted very large number of Muslim families from all over Canada. Presently the Calgary has two Masajids (mosques). IISC realized the utmost need of building more Masajids. The ideal plan includes community hall, and space for social activities, subject to the size of property and funds.

Q: Where exactly will Masjid An-Noor be located?

IISC has secured 10 acres of undeveloped land in NE (Close to McKnight Ave and 84 Street). The land in under Rocky View municipality but adjacent to NE, most populated Muslim community in the city of Calgary.

Q: What is expected once the project is complete?

IISC has plan to build a mosque of around 8-10 thousand sq/ft. space dedicated. The bigger plan includes 15-20 thousand sq/ft facility for community hall, and in-door activates attached to the mosque allowing accommodating larger gathering during Friday prayers and Eid festivals.

Q: What are the expected stages for the mosque?

The key and first step is to acquire land at suitable location. Once the land is secured the exact need for the funds / donations and building layout (architectural details and elevations) can be designed.

Q: What is the expected time-line?

Presently, IISC An-Noor Mosque project does not have specific timeline and it cannot be set. However, it is expected (speculated) that the land zoning (by Rocky View) will started in late 2012 to early 2013. Only once the land development will be started.

Q: How can I contact IISC?

You can reach us by writing, phone, email or fax. Please follow link on the top navigation for complete contact details.

Q: How can I donate and support Masjid An-Noor?

We need help from every single member of the community. You can make online donations using your credit card (Paypal), by check or bank-draft in favor of Islamic Information Society, and pre-authorized monthly withdrawal from your Canadian bank. All these options are open from smallest contribution you can make. For supporting and contributions from out-side Canada through bank wire transfers, please contact us and we will be more than pleased to provide you wire-transfer details.

Q: Has IISC registered for donations as tax-deductible?

Yes, IISC is a Charitable Registered and non-profit organization. At year end, your tax receipts will be issued (for donations made after May 1, 2012). Please ensure to include your complete contact details, and address changes by email, fax or postal mail.

Additional Information

For details and further information, please also visit other website www.iisc.ca.