Masjid Al-Noor and IISC Downtown

For the past few years the IISC has been collecting donations for its flagship project known as Masjid An-Noor. The Rocky View County approved the Area Plan Structure on Dec 8, 2015. However, due to a dispute between the City of Calgary and Rocky View County on how to develop the area the case is still pending without a solution in the foreseeable future.

While the IISC still owns the land for the future development of Masjid An-Noor project, insha Allah, we did not want to remain idle and not serve the greater Muslim community of Calgary. Upon the consultation of scholars from the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America and a grand mufti overseas, a decision was made to reallocate the funds from Masjid An-Noor to the IISC Downtown project. It is with hopes of having complete transparency that we let you know that we do plan on going ahead with the Masjid An-Noor project once the legalities are dealt with, insha Allah, and until then our focus and priority will be the IISC Downtown project.

May Allah put barakah in both projects and make them easy. Ameen! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries!

Here are links detailing the current dispute regarding the Conrich area expansion:  

Notice-of-Appeal-City-of-Calgary and Conrich-ASP-December2015


  • IISC is recognized as Registered Charitable organization in Canada (effective May 1, 2012)
  • Community update by Sheikh Kamal El Mekki during OneUmmah Conference 2012 (May 19-20)


  • In 2011, Masjid An-noor invested further in buying land in the same area, totaling to 10 acres of land. The funds were collected during One Ummah Conferences.
  • 2010 2nd Annual One Ummah Conference helped in getting generous pledges and donations. IISC Trustees explored the best option and decided to acquire additional land beside Masjid An-Noor. Alhmad o Lillah, in total Masjid An-Noor has in total 7 acres of land. At the time of zoning the additional could be sold toward construction and development of Masjid An-Noor project, insha’Allah.
  • We are working on the design of the Masjid that inshAllah will include
    • Prayer Area for Brothers
    • Prayer Area for Sisters
    • Gym/Lecture Auditorium
    • Islamic Library
    • Wudhu Area/Washrooms
    • Offices/Meeting Rooms

2009 Allhumduillah, 5 acres of land was donated for the Masjid An-Noor Project.

  • Westwinds Land Development & Management Group to serve as the construction managers of the project.
  • Organizers Second Meeting – May 2007 Respective committee members are exploring various options, budget requirements vs. suitable available properties in Calgary.
  • Organizers First Meeting – April 2007 To discuss and finalize overall plan guidelines, estimated fund requirements, and assignment of Masjid project fund raising tasks to individuals.
  • Official Announcement – March 2007 In March 2007, IISC proposed need of a Masjid providing permanent and long-term facility for increasing Muslim community in Calgary. During Juma congregational prayer, it was officially announced the need of Masjid and the overall plan.

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