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An-Noor Center

An Islamic Centre equipped with facilities to support religious, educational, and cultural activities for the Muslim community in Calgary.


Acquire   Land 2008 – 2011
Planning 2012
Zoning & Utilities Late 2013
Phase 1 Start 2013 / Early 2014

Communities Served

Facility Features

Prayer Hall (Sisters/ Brothers)
Islamic Library
Gym/Lecture Auditorium
Islamic Events Hall
Class Rooms
Meeting Rooms/Offices
Baby sitting area
Washrooms with wudu stations and few showers

Flexible Use of Spaces

A flexible space strategy will be adopted to accommodate a host of activities without the need to provide dedicated spaces for each activity.

Prayer Hall (Sisters/Brothers)

Daily, Friday Congregational, Tarawih, Eid Prayers and Halaqas
Spiritual Retreat in final 10 days of Ramadan (I’tikaf)

Islamic Library

Islamic books to read, borrow or buy
Collections of Audios, DVDs and other electronic media

Gym/Lecture Auditorium

Providing an appropriate environment for males and females.
Attracting youth to the centre
Promoting healthy living
Could be converted to lecture hall, community hall or Eid prayer hall

Islamic Events Hall

For Eid, Nikah, Aqiqa, and special occasions


Community kitchen facility to use during gatherings

Quranic Room Facilities

Quranic room facilities for Quran, Islamic lessons, weekend classes, tutoring and adult learning

Meeting Rooms/Offices

Meeting room facilities
Administrative offices

Baby sitting area

Baby sitting area to be used during gatherings and events.

Washrooms with wudu stations

Separate wudu stations for sisters and brothers.

Build the future today! You be the difference in the community…

Think about it:
Calgary Muslim population by 2020
Every child who are between 5-11 years will be teenagers by 2020
Cost of property and materials in 2020

Let’s build a place to call our own!